Belfast Times Online Article, also in The Irish Times - 2014

Peace 2 Stone Carving Classes 2012

Marc was commissioned by Monaghan's Peace 2 project in 2012 to carry out stone carving classes with a group of people from various back rounds in Clones Town.

The classes were part of a series of peace building projects, below is a short video which tells the story of the great work done by all including the stone carving participants and their tutor Marc Kelly.

Clones Stone Sculpture Symposium 

Marc curated "Mor Chuid Cloch", a stone sculpture symposium held in Clones Town which lasted 6 days in May 2012.

Kelly was commissioned by Monaghan County Council to organise, oversee and also participate in the unique event which was very successful in its objectives. 6 renown sculptors from around Ireland were chosen to sculpt and educate while the general public, local schools were able to visit, chat and even try their hands at carving some local Sandstone in a trial area set up for the 6 days.

Marc was very successful in attracting media interest from RTE, The Northern Standard, Border Region TV, The Anglo Celt and The Natural Stone Specialist in the UK. 

RTE Nationwide and Border Region TV hosted entire episodes from the Symposium that week which attracted huge viewing figures. Below is the episode in question from BRTV... 

The RTE Nationwide episode can be visited from this link:

Northern Standard Article - 2011 

Article relating to Marc's first significant public sculpture, a Per Cent for Art sculpture in at Scoil Noamh Padraig near Emyvale Co.Monaghan